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The copelabs/usense dataset (v. 2017-01-27)  >  the NSense Data set II traceset

There is 1 trace in this traceset
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NSense Data set II
short description

Interpersonal space traces


This traceset comprises experiment carried out considering Nine Android devices (Samsung smartphones with Android 4.2 to 5.1), each named Copelabs1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12, respectively. These devices were carried around by people sharing the same affiliation during their daily routines (commuting between home and office, going to leisure activities, attending meetings in the office). Data has been sampled each minute.

For each experiment, there is the following set of data files: SocialProximity.dat has three columns: Timestamp, DeviceName, Encounter Duration, Average Encounter Duration, Social Strength (Per hour) and Social Strength(Per minute) towards DistanceOutput.dat has three columns: Timestamp, DeviceName, and Distance towards Microphone.dat has two columns: Timestamp, and Sound level(QUIET, NORMAL, ALERT, and NOISY) PhysicalActivity.dat has two columns: Timestamp, and Activity as STATIONARY, WALKING, and RUNNING

The experiment was conducted for the period of 12 days from 12th September to 23rd September 2016 . All devices carried by users and followed their daily routine.

reason for most recent change
a second traceset was collected in 2016, with a refined version of NSense.
release date
date/time of measurement start
date/time of measurement end

All devices had the middleware NSense installed. Data was collected every minute via NSense, and stored locally. The data was then individually obtained. Devices were distributed to people sharing affiliation, working in two different poles of the same university campus (circa 600 meters away). Then, each person carried the device around during the 12 days, while performing his/her usual routine. Data from each device was then extracted after the 12 day period.

 the copelabs/usense/NSense Data set II/proxemics I trace
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