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Welcome to CRAWDAD

CRAWDAD is the Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth, a wireless network data resource for the research community. This archive has the capacity to store wireless trace data from many contributing locations, and staff to develop better tools for collecting, anonymizing, and analyzing the data. We work with community leaders to ensure that the archive meets the needs of the research community.

CRAWDAD is grateful to its current and past sponsors.


Latest News

new CRAWDAD dataset - taxi mobility traces - October 31, 2014

A new dataset has been added to CRAWDAD.

Dataset of mobility traces of taxi cabs in Rome, Italy.

Contributed by Lorenzo Bracciale, Marco Bonola, Pierpaolo Loreti,
Giuseppe Bianchi, Raul Amici, Antonello Rabuffi.

This dataset contains mobility traces of taxi cabs in Rome, Italy. It
contains GPS coordinates of approximately 320 taxis collected over 30


new CRAWDAD dataset - accelerometer measurements - October 27, 2014

A new dataset has been added to CRAWDAD.

200 hours of accelerometer information recorded over 25 days from 5

Contributed by Mina Cong, Kanghwan Kim, Maria Gorlatova, John Sarik,
John Kymissis, Gil Zussman.

To help us better understand the properties of various energy sources
and their impact on energy harvesting adaptive algorithms, we
collected acceleration traces from different participants. The
volunteers were asked to perform normal daily routines while
comfortably carrying SparkFun Electronics ADXL345 accelerometer
boards. For our long-term studies, we collected over 200 hours of
acceleration information in 25 days from 5 participants. The data
simulates the natural motions that participants' belongings (keys,
phone, or wallet) experience on a daily basis.


Welcome Ecuador and Ghana! - July 14, 2014

In recent weeks we welcome our first users from Ecuador and Ghana, respectively, so we now have users in 103 countries.